Friday, July 10, 2009

Trip To italy and Greece

I am taking my students to Europe this summer, the trip start on Aug 24 to Italy and Greece for 10 days. I was thinking because I can add 6 more people for this trip we can announce it on FGI board, this trip is very fun and educational.

We are going to Rome, Florence Sorrento, and from Sorrento to Pompeii and with Free over night we will go to Greece. In Greece we will visit some island and then we will go to Athens. This is very exciting trip that I recommend to every body especially fashion Designer an people that they like fashion.

The price for under 23 in $3350 and for over 23 is $3800 that covers every thing from ticket, hotel all the transportation and ticket to the places we will go and 24 hours English language director that he or she stay in our hotel also breakfast and dinner.

If you traveler don't shop, they don't have have any other expense.

Please call me at 206-830-6337 if you have any question or you need more information.

Best Regards,
Monir Zandghoreishi

Dean of Fashion & Fashion Merchandising

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