Saturday, November 14, 2009

'Shop Local' Initiative

This is an AMAZING Ladies Who Launch event and if you support local then please check this out!

2009 has been a difficult year

Entrepreneurs have had to be resilient and resourceful, nimble and creative. It has been especially challenging for independent boutiques and shops. Our neighborhoods are populated with fabulous, unique and interesting businesses that create the personality and character we love. We have lost many of our favorites all over the region and we are at risk of losing more in 2010.

I am increasingly convinced that collaboration is the best model for success in business and life. As women, we practice that quality instinctively. Our Ladies Who Launch community is blessed to include some of the most generous and passionate women with which I have ever had the privilege to be associated...and I am hoping all of you would like the opportunity to show the world (at least, our corner of it) what brilliant, committed and passionate women can achieve.

"Survival isn't a solo act"

What are you willing to do?
If you are a retail shop, would you spend 2 hours at a meeting to collaborate?
If you have a product to sell, would you do a trunk show or a 'pop-up' shop?
If you are a PR Diva, would you help with Press Releases and Media attention?
If you are a Marketing Guru, would you design an Event Template?
If you are an Event Planner, would you give advice and counsel?
If you are an artist or entertainer, would you be available for an Event?
If you are in the media, would you talk or write about this effort?
If you are a lady who's launching, would you show up and support us?

Sign up now, come to the meeting, offer your suggestions, bring your ideas, support us and collaborate!

Date: Tuesday, November 24, 2009
Time: 7pm-9pm
Where: 5Focus - 1009 8th AV N - Seattle, WA 98109 (MAP)
Parking: Street parking is available and it is FREE.
Price: FREE for everyone just register here so I know how many chairs to rent!
?'s: Call Linda Snyder at 206-390-6167 or Candice Caldwell at 206-715-2410

Message from Linda:
So, why am I doing this?
I love retail...30 years at an entrepreneurial department store, many years as a retail coach consulting with entrepreneurs. I have friends and clients who are passionate about their businesses. Several incidents occurred in the last month that got me thinking that "someone should do something about this!"

My To-Do list has included "join the 3/50 project - post on site and FB" since July. At the end of October I went to the site, signed up and started reading. Cinda Baxter's question to retailers hit me between the eyes.

"So, do you want to be around a year from now?"

I was shocked! Then I stopped to consider. What could I do to make a significant difference. I knew that I had a platform and forum to start the conversation and get the word out. I started pounding the pavement, visiting shops, inviting them to attend our meeting on Tuesday, November 24 and now I am hoping that you will feel the same way I do.

I could put this passion and energy to work for a charitable cause, I have done so in the past and will again in the future. I guess it all boils down to 'I Love Retail', it's like a virus for me, it's in my blood and I want it to be vital, healthy, vibrant and fun again! It's theater and drama and dynamic and exciting when it is done well...and so many places I love do it brilliantly.

Some of my friends have said that they "are tired of not shopping". Nothing has changed for them, they are among the 90% still employed, still have credit cards, still have dinner out and spa appointments. But some where along the line, they stopped shopping and started feeling like they needed to do the 'patriotic' thing and follow Suze Orman's advice. I almost came through the television to throttle her last year when she said "stop spending! start saving!" It's good advice, but everything in moderation folks! I actually had someone tell me it was unfashionable to shop!

I believe that even if you have to buy less, you should spend local.

Local business spins the wheels of the economy. It is where the jobs are generated, the sale tax revenue comes from, it creates the neighborhoods. Let's share the love a little this next year and keep our purchases local.

And if you can't attend, please sign up for the 3/50 project and support us by putting your local shops and favorite Boutiques on your Holiday Shopping List!

Thanks for listening,

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