Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Re-cap from Vogue Fashion Show in Bellevue

We saw many FGI members and friends at the Vogue show during Bellevue Fashion week, but if you missed the show this year, Danielle Bortone-Holt, FGI member and owner of Brickhouse Photography ( shared a few photos with us! Enjoy!

The show was divided into a number of sections. The model above is decked out in an 80's redux outfit. I was more impressed with this section than I thought I would be. Often, "The 80's" is a garish caricature neon memories of the decade rather than a true composition of 80's fashion, and rarely updated for the current era. While there was some neon, and some horrible Ray-Bans, there was a lot of looks that really would work in 2009. Really.

The evening wear collection was a highlight for many, although there was nothing too stunning or too surprising for a closing finale. The section was very polished, and there was a nice variety of looks at a number of price points.

My favorite section was the "Lady Sophisticate" section. Some of the best looks were from the new Ann Taylor collection. I had heard Ann Taylor had updated their image, and the new pieces did not fail me. I'm very excited to continue to see the new direction Ann Taylor moves in.

If you were at the show let us know what your favorite look/section was!


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tris1978ton said...

The white halter dress in the second photo is GORGEROUS!!!!