Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Recap of the Front Row Fashion Show with Courtney & Sydney

The Bellevue Collection presented their annual Fashion Week presented by Vogue. Our Regional Director, Courtney Russell, and Board Member, Sydney Mintle, of Styled.Seattle and CRAVE, were taking notes while our new Membership Chair, Danielle Bortone-Holt, of Brick House Photography, and Board Member Mike Adams, also a photographer, were shooting the show.

We chatted with Courtney and Sydney (pictured above) to get their thoughts on this season's trend and the show, in general.

Q: What was your favorite section? why?
Sydney: "Animal Magnetism" was my favorite! I'm really looking forward to wearing leopard prints this fall!
Courtney: I liked "Fur and Feathers" more than I thought I would, but I think my favorite collection was "American Sportswear." I'm loving the infusion of Mad Men inspired looks!

Q: What was a hit?
Courtney: My top three would be really high boots or really low ankle boots paired with colored tights, gem tones - teal, eggplant, ruby paired with camel, gray and black, and the hats - I loved the hats!
Sydney: There were lots of hits! I loved the faux fur vests paired with skinny belts, the color spectrum of tights paired with skirts and dresses, and the menswear trousers.

Q: What was a miss?
Sydney: I didn't notice any misses. Although some of the male models were wearing high water pants and it was obviously not planned that way.
Courtney: I agree about the was distracting to see on the runway, but we know they pull the show together in a week! I was hoping for a different look to come down the runway with the "Sweater Girls" collection than what was presented, but although it was not what I was expecting it was done well.

Q: What one fashion trend will you be sure to have in your wardrobe this year?
Courtney: I have some great pieces that I think are still going to work this Fall (colored tights, ankle boots, a dark purple/eggplant dress I love), that I want to pair with some of those sleek hats or mile high boots.
Sydney: Something military inspired like a khaki trench coat paired with a suede ankle boot.

Q: Thank you to you both for sharing your thoughts from the show. Any other thoughts about this year's Front Row Fashion Show presented by Vogue at The Bellevue Collection?
Sydney: It was fun, and I was happy to see such a packed house ready and willing to celebrate fall fashion!
Courtney: It was a lot of fun, I agree. I'm so glad Vogue continues to support The Bellevue Collection Fashion Week. It's important for our industry up here in the Pacific Northwest.

Photos Courtesy of Brick House Photography

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