Tuesday, September 7, 2010

TCM Models: A Boutique Approach

TCM Models has been around for 31 years (since 1979!) and has been a major industry player for both models and actors in the Pacific Northwest. Taking on a select 400 models and 100 talent, TCM uses a self proclaimed “boutique” approach to the business to encourage the personalized development of quality skills in their models and talent. They do this in an effort to provide their clients with assets, not challenges in working with TCM models/talent. That rocks!

Terri C. Morgan is the founder and director of TCM models. She is also a former model herself giving her the unique experience to see the industry from both sides: that of the model/talent and that of the agency. What an advantage that must give!

"I have been very fortunate to have enjoyed the modeling world from an insider's viewpoint allowing me to share my experiences and successes with
new models and talent. I love this industry and I want to pass along all of its rewards and opportunities." - Terri C. Morgan

TCM has recently launched a blog! The TCM Models Blog really extends that idea of the “boutique” approach, featuring some of their models right on the blog! What a great way to get the models more exposure! They also post about fashion related events in the Seattle area so no one will have to miss a single one! I know I’ll be checking back in with TCM Models blog for the scoop.

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